Five-year-old Summer Wells vanished from her home in Hawkins County's Beach Creek Community, Tennessee on June 15 sparking a huge search. Why does Don say there was no point in going home if nobody was there, when the 3 boys were there locked in the house? Firstly taking Grandma to the local hospital concerning a knee injury, they arrived here around 8am this is around 30 minutes from their home. I always holler for them down there. Don says he does not remember what his last conversation with Summer was, but has a clear recollection of this one, why is this one so significant to him? I hope the S hasnt suffered. Inside Edition Digitals Mara Montalbano has more. HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) - After 5-year-old Summer Wells went missing from her home in Beech Creek, investigators have worked around the clock to locate her. Health experts define drowning as trouble breathing after you get water into your airways. Maybe even take the pills Grandma just got after the ER visit. The instances of children being sold by their parents in America has escalated due to the recent economic downturn. Don: I could never understand why he (Kelly) hated me so much and loved my sisters. 2:41. If we take Dons word for it that the dogs were not there that day how would the perpetrator know? In contrast, dry drowning symptoms occur much faster.Did missing Summer Wells have a water incident while swimming at Warriors Path State Park. As the search continues for 5-year-old Summer Wells, who disappeared from her family home in Tennessee two weeks ago, investigators on Tuesday urged the public to stop sending in tips based on . We've heard so many of their YT (crazy) friends say that Don beats Candus. At around 10 to 10.30 Summer and Candus picked up a 15 year old boy named Hunter from his home, these three then visited various shops in the area before returning to the hospital to pick up Grandma, they then dropped off Grandmas prescription at the drive-in pharmacy, Wahlgreens. The door has one-way glass, you can see out but not in. She didnt slide on no rocks and fall in the water. And Im sure this was not the only dangerous substance in Summers orbit. Whether or not the basement door was locked is not known. 6.26 was when the first call came in. State Trooper Has Used Deadly Force on 4 Separate Occas Will Pickpocket Steal Bait Wallet From Backpack? Many are wondering if this was perhaps a case of "dry drowning", basically like you stated, death coming a short time after a near-drowning. Don was asked by Chris McDonough what he remembered of Summer that morning Don says she (Summer) was asleep by my side when I woke up about 6.30 or 7am. I don't think she was dead in that photo. Her daughter was the first to go to the cabin door. She lived with her biological parents, mother (Candus), father (Don), maternal grandmother (also Candus, who lived in a trailer on the property around 20ft from the Wells house) and 3 older brothers, 8, 10 and 12 (at the time Summer disappeared). Don was recently arrested for a DUI, his sentencing for this offence will be in February 22. Crowd Helps Cheerleaders After Music Cuts Out Mid-Routi Did Fatal Boat Crash Start the Murdaugh Familys Downfa Was Putting Alex Murdaugh on the Stand a Mistake? I had to look it up too. Percocet. Do you have a theory on this case? Personally, I don't believe it was dry drowning, I think it may have been just drowning. Don stated they were taken because of the danger posed from youtubers and psychics who were coming onto his property. Also on the back wall is what looks to be a wooden bar around waist height for the average adult. Everyone keeps saying she is alive in the car but it would be hard to prove with 1 picture. The picture was allegedly obtained from the Church that the Wells attend, not the Wells themselves, but the Church were aware of the radical change in Summers appearance. However, a blood test for alcohol will only detect for approximately 12 hours after consumption. Nolan King. Hunter reported that whilst swimming at the lake, Summer had gone underwater for a few seconds (Candus denies this happened). I personally think it wasnt drowning of any kind. I know there are tons of theories and just wanted to share mine :). The TBI is asking anyone with information about Wells whereabouts to call 1-800-TBI-FIND or contact the Hawkins County Sheriffs Office at 423-272-7121. This has led to the theory of dry drowning. During this show she was also to be interviewed by The Behaviour Panel, but walked out. Jun 9, 2022 620 Dislike Share DutyRon 126K subscribers #SummerWells #Drydrowning #DutyRon Summer Wells dry drowning? TBI has also said that investigators have not ruled out foul play, though authorities have not named any suspects or persons of interest in the investigation. For five years, every night. Don reports that Candus was in the line at Wahlgreens (a drive-thru pharmacy) when this call was made. Donald was previously arrestedon domestic assault charges in 2020, leading Candus to file for an order of protection against him, writing: "I am afraid for my children and myself.". Law . So, I called Don because I was freaking out. This didn't happen and the video. TBP: What are the last words she ever said to you? Don: Im not sure if it was that night or not, but I remember clearly, I said Summer you got to sleep in your own bed and she came back with big old crocodile tears in her eyes and she said but daddy I want to be with you. Teens Scrolling on TikTok Drop Phones to Save Drowning New Jersey House Explodes With 6 Firefighters Inside. Their body language was really tense to me. At the bottom of the stairs is the parents mattress, past here to the left, with no door between, is the area where Summer and her younger brother had their beds. For more information, please see our So is also an unlikely scenario. We are also joined by Retired Sgt. I asked them to go check all these barns and sheds that have been out here for years that anybody could be in, Bly said. She goes out and finds her deceased. But in the same interview Don said she (Summer) tried to shave her head in the back and make it uh I think you can see it in some of the pictures and it was getting out of control so she we decided to shave her head off and let it grow back long and she (Candus) shaved her head too so she wouldnt feel bad and uh but it didnt bother her at this point. Journalist Gersh Kuntzman Fixes Defaced License Plates. The latest incident comes seven months after their daughter Summer went missing from their home in Tennessee on June 15. 5-year-old Summer Wells was reported missing from her parents home June 15, 2021. Just look at his rap sheet - domestic violence before Candus and with Candus. The parents have called in and advised that the mother had went for a walk, came home and now they cant find her, they have been yelling for her, she has been gone for about ten minutes now. Candus: theyre all locked in nobody can get in nobody can get out. Summer looks much less cared for as far as grooming than the other kids, IMO. "Although a thorough investigation was completed last year, in an effort of transparency, we support an independent agency to review all relative evidence, reports, and information regarding this incident," the department said in a statement. The boy said that Summer did go underwater, but he pulled her up and she was fine. 2023 FOX Television Stations, from SUN 9:00 AM CST until MON 12:00 PM CST, Traverse County, from SUN 6:00 PM CST until MON 3:00 PM CST, Crow Wing County, Douglas County, East Becker County, East Otter Tail County, Grant County, Hubbard County, Kanabec County, Mahnomen County, Mille Lacs County, Morrison County, North Cass County, Northern Aitkin County, South Aitkin County, South Cass County, South Clearwater County, Todd County, Wadena County, West Becker County, West Otter Tail County, from SUN 12:00 PM CST until MON 12:00 PM CST, Clay County, Norman County, Wilkin County, from SUN 6:00 PM CST until MON 6:00 PM CST, Carlton/South St. Louis Counties, Pine County, Southern Lake/North Shore, Burnett County, Douglas County, Washburn County, Stillwater police shoot and kill 'active shooter' suspect, Robbinsdale police requests BCA to review drowning death investigation, Road closed after multi-vehicle crash with injuries near Hastings: Sheriff, 1 teenager killed, another injured in shooting at Minneapolis home; mother arrested, New Minnesota dashboard, online sites hope to push down prescription drug prices, Brooklyn Park police are 'frustrated' with troubling pattern of vandalism suspect, Twin Cities newest food hall opens on Eat Street, Gov. The family were regular attendees of the local Seventh Day Adventist Church. I dont know why he did that.. It is a sad fact that Children are far more at risk of harm from family members than from strangers and there are certain factors that increase that risk: history of domestic violence, cps involvement, drug and alcohol misuse, previous reports of child abuse. Scott H Has Thoughts; Information on the local area and child trafficking. I think people need to look more into Hs biological father. Candus first interview with WJHL was on 29th June, two weeks after Summer disappeared. His oldest video is beyond disturbing, you can even hear a young child in the background. Candus walking her 10 steps to the house appears out of the ordinary and calls in to question when Summer was really last seen. As Summer was such an outside person quite used to being out there alone, why on that day did Candus find it necessary to hover over her for the 10 to 15 steps it took to reach the door of the house from Grandmas trailer? You gotta keep that locked but they just dont listen. This website uses cookies. Jurors on Alex Murdaughs Murder Trial Visit Crime Scen NFLs Zac Stacy Sentenced After Attacking Ex-Girlfriend. The original calls to law enforcement from Candus and Don have not been released. I personally dont think it was dry/secondary drowning, but I could see how people could take what he said as a hint of sorts. The aunt of missing five-year-old Summer Wells has now also disappeared, it has emerged, and has not been seen since 2009. South Carolina Couple Raises Over $200K for Elderly Pizza Delivery Woman. I think those theories were spurred on by something H said in an interview. I am just sharing my thoughts to hear what others have to say as well. What stands out for me in your comment is to remember that Don is an abuser. Why does everyone think dry drowning as opposed to normal drowning? To date, the driver has not been found. A door to the right of this room leads into the kitchen/living area. I said, I cant find Summer. Investigators had been seeking the driver of a red Toyota pickup truck after a witness reported seeing the vehicle in the area around the time that Summer was last seen. Theres a missing kid. Its such a specific thing to say that I think it grabbed some attention. Don and Candus (and possibly Grandma) each have pasts that incorporate some or all of these factors. We already know there was domestic violence issues in the house. THE mother of a missing five-year-old girl called the cops on her partner over a violent fight in a dramatic new twist. An AMBER Alert was issued for Summer Wells, 5, in Tennessee on June 15, 2021. Many months later, her whereabouts remain a mystery to the law enforcement agents and concerned community members. According to the family she went to stay with a relative whose husband had a heart attack. Don then packed his tools into his vehicle and got on the road, ringing the police on route. Utter chaos. On 6/15/2021, beautiful 5 year old #SummerWells was reported missing from her home in Beech Creek -Hawkins, TN. Several Female Bodybuilders Say They Were Sexually Expl Piper Rockelle's Mom Accused of Financial Exploitation: Supermarket Expert Says to Be Aware of Shrinkflation, Woman Calls Her Carvana Experience a Nightmare, Video Vigilante Tries to Catch Alleged Child Predator. Summer Wells disappeared last June. Candus is known to use marijuana and alcohol, Don: shell smoke a little bit at night and she has a few drinks and then thats it, end of Candus. I talked to her (Candus) the whole way there. Recommended YouTube sites for further information: ; Michelle after Dark; The Summer Wells play list consists of videos and comment almost daily since day 1, discussing information as it became available and forming theories based on these facts. And kids have been found years after being abducted. I said okay and I walked her all the way over to the porch and I watched her walk all the way into the Kitchen where the boys were watching TV and I told the boys I said watch Summer Ill be back and within two minutes I came back and I asked the boys where their sister was and they said she went downstairs mum to play with her toys in the playroom and I said okay and I yelled downstairs for her a couple of times and I didnt get no answer which was unusual because usually she always answers me and so I went down there to check and she was nowhere in sight she was just gone. Email us atexclusive@the-sun.comor call212 416 4552. One of his more recent interviews on Molly Golightly early November Don claims to have 7 alibis if not more, including my buddy Starlink. As officers were on route, dispatchers said they heard arguments in the background before the line went dead. According to a report from the Hawkins County Sheriffs Office, the mom called 911 to the Wells home residence last Wednesday after being notified of a domestic disturbance. This person, Andrew, also alleges that Candus gave his son , who is underage, alcohol that night. That sounds like him insinuating she could have suffered from something like dry drowning or secondary drowning. Somebody lurking in the woods, could have seen Candus walk Summer from Grandmas trailer and could assume that Summer had gone into the house when Candus walked back alone to Grandmas. Don was around at that time as well. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Summers parents Don Wells and Candus Bly have both said they believe she was kidnapped, though a spokesperson for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has said that investigators have not found any evidence that Summer was abducted. I saw that, too. Like I said, we werent even planning on going swimming or fishing or anything, Bly said. Required fields are marked *. If an accident at happened at the house and Candus and Grandma disposed of her body, again the cadaver dogs would have scented this in either the house or the vehicle used to remove her body. I havent even spoke to them in like two weeks. The phone call from Don, 2 different stories. About an hour and a half before Summer is thought to have disappeared the night of June 15, Brown, her son and her daughter heard something far more suspicious: a scream. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Officials with the Church Hill Rescue Squad said a reward fund has been set up for information leading to the discovery of missing 5-year-old Summer Wells. The door out of the basement is between these two areas and leads back into the yard. Widow of California . Both Don and his wife were addicted to Meth at this time and the relationship ended. WATCH THIS: MISSING SUMMER WELLS NEW TIMELINE \u0026 NARCISSISTIC ABUSE WATCH THIS: DEATH OF PRINCESS DIANA | DIANA SPENCER WATCH THIS: AMERICANS MOURN: 20th ANNIVERSARY OF TERROR WATCH THIS: SUMMER WELLS UPDATE: MISSING ROSE BLY CONNECTED? and our I think it was an accident & Candus freaked out. The Robbinsdale Police Department asked the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to review an investigation of a man who drowned after allegedly fleeing police during a traffic stop last summer. Don does not remember what time he left for work that morning but says it could have been between 7 and 8am. The Robbinsdale police claim that Azad had evaded police two days earlier during a traffic stop for a suspected DWI. The couple's daughter Summer, 5, has been missing sine June 15, 2021 According to a report from the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office, the mom called 911 to the Wells home residence last Wednesday after being notified of a domestic disturbance. 2:00. Say that you found her walking, I dont care. Candus says, she hung up from Don, ran to her mothers trailer (20ft away), to get her mothers phone which had better reception and called the police. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don says that when he arrived at the shed he could see his boys at the bottom of the hill by the Creek and a neighbour also out searching. Will Marjorie Taylor Greene Be Donald Trumps Running M Mitt Romney Confronts George Santos at State of the Uni Donald Trump Kicks Off His 2024 Presidential Campaign, Bodycam Footage Shows Hammer Attack on Paul Pelosi. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. I have recently learned of a FB post by an alleged father of a neighbor boy (age 15) of the family, who states that his son may have been at the residence the night that Summer and her brothers were swimming. Christopher Daniel knows what happens next each time he plays the memory of the worst day of his life in his head. With adults you can see there's been an end to phone, bank, in person and digital communication. Candus can be heard in the background of many of these shows, screaming at him, crying and throwing objects. If anybody knew where I was at that time it would have been him. Don is a drywaller (plasterer) a mucky job. Dons initial statement to youtuber Chris McDonough of The Interview Room states that when he arrived no law enforcement was there. When the improbability of someone creeping on to the property with so many dogs around was raised with Don he said they werent there that day. #SummerWells #Drydrowning #DutyRon Summer Wells dry drowning? That morning Don had taken the Subaru to work. A drug deal which is why H went along. When asked if he thought she was injured, H said she could have been. So, I went over there, Bly said. And when this situation hit and the time past, I felt compelled that this money should go nowhere else but this reward fund, Lee said. Bly said she did not go for a walk, and was on the property at the time of Summers disappearance. The parents, Don Wells and Candus Bly Wells, also sat together for a full interview. True Crime Commentary; Local Man Gives Insight of Summer Wells Hometown. Donald reportedly told Police that the pair had been drinking throughout the night but denied ever harming his wife. Dons statement that he called Candus at around 3pm and that Candus was in the line at Wahlgreens when he called is inconsistent, the prescription was picked up at 1.33pm and they had already been to the swimming hole. Fear sets in quickly and she tells her Mom about it. And she didnt holler back. When Chris McDonough of The Interview Room visited the property to interview Candus, the dogs appeared from the woods as he drove up the driveway, they all began to bark. Both her husband and Candus were convicted on domestic violence and battery charges. They also perpetrated a hoax on Mary (one of Dons stepsisters). Don, however, has appeared frequently on various channels often in a state of extreme intoxication. Renters Discover Bunker Involved in Fatal Home Invasion. This is believed to be where Summer was swimming in the TikTok video posted on June 15. He did not drive directly to the house, but instead passed the turn off to his house and drove a little further down Beech Creek Road to where he has a shed at the bottom of the hill on which his House stands. When I got done, I come back in. Rose Marie Bly vanished from Wisconsin and her car was found in a. The kid vanished from her family's Hawkins County home in northeast Tennessee on Tuesday evening, June 15, and her parents filed a missing persons report. This interview was conducted in early August and infers that the only man who can say where he was that day is so vengeful toward him that he would not vouch for him. Candus says Summer woke on their arrival (she jumped right up), they unpacked the shopping and put it away, did some laundry and then helped Grandma to re-pot some plants. We hope missing Summer Wells will be found. Got the impression that she was scared. Just bring her back. For now, a prize reward of over $70,000 has been pegged for anyone who would have a piece of . Sometimes that happens while swimming or bathing. I completely agree with him being VERY controlling, especially since he has a history of domestic abuse with previous relationships. However, there are still problems with this: The Wells children were on school holiday there was no set routine to their day, consequently a predator would have to conceal themselves somewhere on the property maybe for hours waiting for a moment to snatch Summer. It is difficult to discern where the punctuation goes in this statement, however, Don states that the basement door was unlocked, as he was at work and is repeating the story as told to him by Candus why is he so adamant that the basement door was unlocked, when Candus stated she was not sure? Summer Wells was reported missing on June 15 out of Hawkins County. There were two litters of puppies on the property at the time, one litter under the house in a crawl space by the basement door. what is pisces love language,
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