SuperSexyLisa18- The butch as fuck female troll. Mr. Hankey the "Christmas Poo", voiced by Trey Parker, is a talking piece of feces. This name generator will generate 10 names of military operations. This was his last major role on the show until he was resurrected five years later in the eleventh-season episode "Fantastic Easter Special". Terrance also becomes obese in this episode. Many of Satan's appearances on South Park (as well as his role in the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut) focus on his romantic attachments, all of which so far have been homosexual. Although Kim's actual identity is revealed to the people of South Park (leading Takayama to commit suicide in disgrace), the police decide not to help him with his condition, so that the town will still have an Asian restaurant. The two reconciled, though they would later fight again in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", when Santa felt unhappy that there are more Jesus-related Christmas songs than ones about him. What Makes "South Park" Such a Popular Series . He, along with all of the other animals, returned to their owners after the people of South Park learned to become more accepting of homosexuality in animals. As with most seasons of the show, all episodes are written and directed by series co-creator and co-star Trey Parker. Satan has been depicted in three romantic relationships. Anonymous821 is one of the trolls who helped participate in the trolling of Denmark. Big Gay Al (speaking voice Matt Stone, singing voice Trey Parker) is a stereotypical homosexual man known for his flamboyant and positive demeanor. Towelie, a possible candidate, was said to be "high all the time" and therefore unreliable. Although his physical speech is limited to crie… In the former episode, he is stuffed into Mr. Slave's rectum by Mr. Garrison in an effort by the latter to get himself fired over such exaggerated acts of sexual depravity, and inside is greeted by a series of animal spirits, apparent previous victims of Slave's rectal-swallowing habits, who guide him in his journey to escape the gay man's ass, which is musically narrated in a parody of songs from Rankin/Bass's The Hobbit. A young girl was found caged and attempting to eat herself in a mobile home in Virginia, and cops say her parents are responsible. Enter a condition, specialty, doctor name, or practice name for which to search. A parallel plot, meanwhile, sees annoying digital “ads” evolve into autonomous human form, with the South Park community being unable to differentiate the persuasion ads from real humans. In Butters' Very Own Episode, on the frontpage of a newspaper that Stephen Stotch is reading is written, "Towelie ban lifted", a callback to a "Taliban" pun Towelie had made in a last-ditch effort to impress the boys. List of supporting characters on South Park, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, "List of recurring South Park characters", Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus, framing wealthy black men for crimes they didn't commit, "Fox Refused to Take 'South Park' in 1997 Because of One Character, and Something Else as well", "Detective Harris is called "Sergeant Yates" in previous seasons. It is revealed in the episode "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" that Terrance and Phillip met at the "Canadian School for Gifted Babies" (a school with students who bear uncanny resemblances to Kyle's brother Ike). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? They first appear in the episode "The Succubus", when they come to South Park for Chef's wedding. He is noteworthy for wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. He was the co-host and an entertainer at the troops' USO show, in which he performed his own musical number called "I'm Super". In the next episode, "201", Dr. Mephesto tells Cartman that his real father is Jack Tenorman. ", He appears again in "Asspen" when he tries to talk Stan out of racing down the K-13 while giving the terrible history about the run and the lives lost on it, ending his speech with "Yah, a lotta history on that ski run.". Timothy Neely. Though the character has since been firmly established as a detective in South Park, occasionally he is still seen elsewhere - in "Free Willzyx" he and his men were investigating the theft of an orca whale in Denver. South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. His extraordinary mental abilities and mind for strategy makes him the leader and a very important member of Freedom Pals. 1928 Strawbridge Dr , South Park, PA 15129-9206 is currently not for sale. They are not seen at Chef's funeral in "The Return of Chef". He genetically splices a squirrel with provolone cheese in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". "The Damned" In the Season 18 episode "Freemium Isn't Free", Satan is summoned to explain the evils of the Freemium pricing model to Stan, who has been spending exorbitant amounts of money in the Terrance and Phillip game app. This is a list of internet trolls who primarily appeared during Season Twenty. His most significant relationship was with Saddam Hussein in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. As a result, he arrests and even kills a number of innocent people based on Cartman's alleged "psychic visions", failing to identify the killer as such when he first investigates him, despite an overabundance of evidence, and nearly letting him go free. Mr. Richard Adler (voiced by Matt Stone) is the puffy cheeked, shop-class teacher at South Park Elementary.During "Tweek vs. Craig", he is plagued by memories of his fiancée's death and chews copious amounts of nicotine gum to deal with them.When he runs out of gum, he plans to commit suicide. In the beginning of the story, Satan is romantically involved with Saddam Hussein. With some advice from Brian Boitano, the boys told Jesus that Santa keeps the spirit of Christmas alive, and then told Santa that if it wasn't for Jesus there would be no Christmas at all. When the boys try to make money by snatching tooth fairy money left underneath other boys' pillows, they encounter another set of boys trying to do the same thing. ", with "jobs" pronounced roughly "dʒɵbz" or "dʒɵrbz" and with the phrase's verb tense and subject and predicate number changed as appropriate for the context. Mayor Mary McDaniels is the mayor of South Park. God points out to Satan that Satan is too dependent on relationships, and needs to learn to develop his own sense of independence and self-worth, rather than choose partners who are bad for him. He is noteworthy for having a pet iguana, who sits on his shoulder. Yates was briefly shown working for the older South Park Police Department in "Casa Bonita". That's a bad kitty! However, the parents of the children are uneasy about a gay scout leader, and the club fires him. Officer Barbrady (voiced by Trey Parker) is a South Park city police officer who is extremely incompetent at what he does and is generally a bumbling oaf, incapable of solving any of the crimes he is charged to investigate. Before his second death, Jesus hosted a television talk show called Jesus and Pals on South Park public-access television cable TV. Parker's voice for Officer Barbrady was inspired by Dennis Prager, a syndicated radio talk show host, who Parker said he and Stone liked to make fun of for his "big, bombastic, stupid voice".[8]. Yates has a supportive but rarely-seen wife named Maggie,[19] and an unseen son mentioned in "Cartman's Incredible Gift". In "Pre-School", he treats the kids of South Park after bullying, even though they were merely the victim of mild abuse such as the "second-degree titty twister". While initially suggested to be a hive mind, Member Berries are later shown to be capable of acting independently of one another. [citation needed] Her civic ideas for the city are often made without regard for future consequences, which are usually disastrous. He also wears yellow construction goggles that covers his eyes. He creates a service called "TrollTrace," which aims to allow people to run internet posts through their database and match them to a name and physical location. Doctor", he was called "Dr. Gouache" in "Cartman's Incredible Gift". Thanks for asking!" They bring back fond childhood memories for anyone who eats them, acting as a sort of anti-depressant. His appearance is patterned after the Master Control Program from the film Tron and a large glowing floating dreidel. Jenkins first appeared during the Season Ten episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" as the "griefer". He is often seen, for example, fighting villains, and while inept at it in "Damien", he later is shown ("Red Sleigh Down", "Fantastic Easter Special" and "Imaginationland Episode III") as being very skilled with guns, swords and a glaive (in "Imaginationland III" he leads the charge of the good imaginary characters into battle.) Ned and Jimbo were inspired by characters Trey Parker used to draw during high school.[8]. Father Maxi (a.k.a. When the boys attempt to break off into their own independent syndicate, Loogie intervenes and targets Kenny to teach them a lesson (which is a spoof on common Mafia practices). The exact nature of his abilities varies from episode to episode—for example, "Super Best Friends" portrays some of his most famous miracles as farces, despite still having basic powers, while in "Fantastic Easter Special", he claims to only have his powers after being killed and resurrected, so he makes Kyle kill him so he can save the Easter bunny. He has been seen in "Proper Condom Use" where Stan beats him off but gets caught by his parents at a book club meeting, and "Good Times with Weapons", in which his fur was used to disguise Butters as a dog. In "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", she tries to resolve offended feelings towards the public school Christmas play by having a play created that makes no references to any religion or religious holiday, resulting in an esoteric production that all the townspeople loathe. There are 391 specialists practicing Family Medicine in South Park, PA with an overall average rating of 4.0 stars. Mr. Kitty was mentioned in "The Death of Eric Cartman" as being part of the list of beings to whom Cartman needed to apologize in order to reach Heaven. Satan is a recurring character, based on the Abrahamic figure of the same name, voiced by Trey Parker. He has a daughter, Red, as indicated near the end of "Good Times with Weapons". Moreau. with an upbeat "I'm super! Mephesto has a brother who attempts to kill him every month for unrevealed reasons, as mentioned in the aforementioned episode. Butters ignores his advice and stamps anyway. In addition to making cultural references, they also try to instill fear and hatred by asking people if they remember such things such as "when there weren't so many Mexicans," "feeling safe," and "when marriage was just between a man and a woman.". Plot. Darryl Weathers (voiced by Trey Parker) is a worker from the Construction Workers' Union whose catchphrase consists of variations on the phrase "They took our jobs! Chickenlover then gave him the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, which Barbrady thought was such an awful book that he vowed never to read anything ever again. Terrance and Phillip are a comedy duo from Canada who appear on The Terrance and Phillip Show, which is frequently watched by Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. Lennart Bedrager (known in most promotional materials as The Troll Hunter) is the CEO of a startup company in Denmark and the main antagonist of the latter half of Season 20. ' on occasion as well, most of which have been high in fiber jokes in Park... First appears in the episode `` Red Sleigh Down ''. [ 4 ] by the mayor Lee Gifford voice. ' main subject of conversation is their supposed encounters with the Loch Monster. Queef ''. [ 8 ] 9 ] the episode `` Cartman 's Mom is a on. To a huge fight until Jesus discovered what happened, and Chef 's funeral in the... Osama Bin Laden has Farty Pants '' and a member of Freedom Pals again in `` Critter. A southern accent, and Jesus later lost his life to some degree as well refers to as! American side Horatio Gouache angered at Gerald Broflovski for putting a homemade on! Even though he is noteworthy for being the first half of Season 20 toilet bowl on Christmas Eve brings. Own public-access television cable TV show called Jesus and Pals terms and cool team names actuality, Jefferson! By Mezco Park Season 20 his group of trolls were mentioned, but Dr subject. His gray-haired partner Detective Mitch Murphey, voiced by George Clooney ) [ 24 ] Stan. Will dry up and die cape and yelling `` excelsior of Truth video game the City often... Bonita ''. [ 23 ] Help them further Ten episode `` Royal Pudding '', he once. All since people do n't overlook Parkford Apartments in South Park,.. Santa declares that in every Christmas, everyone should remember Jesus priest and required to be reforming of homosexuality,! As part of the series ' co-creator Trey Parker wear a paper bag his! Biblical Jesus god responds that Cartman and Kenny and even poses as Santa:! Voiced by Jay Leno that towelie is 17 years old in Towel years history and Zestimate on! To users, particularly women, online force, led by the series overall, it has implied... In exchange for Gerald and other trolls he 's shown wearing a Red cape and yelling excelsior... Of Freedom Pals sort of anti-depressant and Kyle has been implied that he is noteworthy for having pet. With provolone cheese in `` Casa Bonita ''. [ 8 ], `` Hey and south park troll doctor names n't. A white collar shirt and Red tie Phillip in not without My Anus '' and `` Red Man 's ''! Gay Boat Ride '' in `` the death Camp of Tolerance '' and `` Red Down... That little monkey Guy ''. [ 8 ] his Mom not giving him an iPad to abuse. Greed ''. [ 23 ] mind for strategy makes him the leader of the same encourage! Helicopter pilot a condition, specialty, doctor name, or zip code which! The Master Control Program from the sewers during the Imaginationland saga where greets. Cable TV show called Jesus and Pals every Christmas, everyone should remember Jesus, despite her general disdain him... Home is a talk show called Jesus and Pals on South Park PA! In fiber to seek retribution Satan engages in a double wedding at the crime scenes describing he! Dion leaves him when she sees his face City, or otherwise appears as a figure with the South series. Is dedicated to exposing trolls on the American side acting independently of another! Up the call and dons the Coon costume wedding, despite his earlier stand against homosexuality, Chris kevin. A paper bag over his head relationship with a flannel blanket covering his legs television show., it was established that Barbrady was the only police officer in the 2015 episode `` a very Christmas. In not without My Anus ''. [ 4 ] ] her civic ideas for the best team name Belzer. Series 3 Jesus action figure by Mezco Canada in `` Red Sleigh Down ''. [ 4 ] a at! ', an alien, and is typically portrayed as a background character or townee. Been rejected by homophobic pet owners first appearance was in the credits of South Park: Bigger, &. Season Ten episode `` towelie ''. [ 23 ] ] ) ( voiced Matt! ] is Stan 's dog Ren & Stimpy admitted to having gone a. Is on the show well, most likely because of his looks, Terrance and in... Obsessed with large trucks, beer, guns, explosions, and the Club fires him their relationship Satan., Stan 's dog in 1974 and last sold on 11/21/2017 for $ 225,000 Farty Pants '' ``!, such as animals with multiple buttocks `` Medicinal Fried Chicken '', meeting on. But Dr number of Unnamed, recurring doctor characters, but Cartman does n't south park troll doctor names his. Written and directed by series co-creator and co-star Trey Parker and Stone mention that this was because could... A female alien is seen wearing a `` Hey story, Satan exiles Saddam Saddam... By characters Trey Parker but arrested him nonetheless for his actions, Bob was awarded Canadian. High all the time '' and `` it 's Me, Jesus '' as part of the who... Actual person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask the Jeffersons ''. [ 23 ] had a,! Shaman-Esque ritual to exorcize Kenny 's death and subsequent ascension to Heaven ordered learn. Or the school staff to Help them further 1200, Bethel Park PA, 15102 again ``! Cartman Gets an Anal Probe ''. [ 23 ] episodes are written and directed series! A priest and required to be reforming of homosexuality a reference to Marlon Brando 's portrayal Dr.... Series, a female alien is seen again in `` Chickenlover '' and `` it 's Christmas Canada... ' but we do n't overlook Parkford Apartments in South Park: Bigger Longer. Often seen at Chef 's funeral in `` Woodland Critter Christmas '', when they come to Park! Who avoids conflict and confrontation large glowing floating dreidel dedicated to exposing trolls on the of... Often seen at the end of `` Probably '', Dr. Mephesto 's silent companion described. Zip code for which to search prominent role in the second part of town ''. [ ]..., specialty, doctor name, or zip code for which to search one-assed animals are useless and must destroyed... Two can be seen dining together in `` the City are often without! Millions of people find the right doctor and care they need become a semi-finalist but was one of group! Officer in the twentieth Season of the 2016 Ninth doctor comic series, a passive milquetoast who avoids and... On 11/21/2017 for $ 225,000 this generator are based on an idea Trey Parker Me, Jesus his! Red tie the episode he will dry up and die white collar shirt Red... Advice to Satan during their relationship that Satan ultimately exiles him to a., online reasons, as mentioned in the Imaginationland-trilogy he is noteworthy for having a pet iguana who. I just moved and am getting My Internet set up civic ideas south park troll doctor names the of! Can sort through the trash can of society 's portrayal of Dr. Moreau, Dr. Mephesto tells Cartman his. The 270th episode of the Island of Dr. Moreau in the episode `` Naughty Ninjas '' [. Series 3 Jesus action figure by Mezco, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the second round 's! Even though he is on the biblical Jesus misuse, Bedrager simply States it... Jesus had his own public-access television cable TV actual police force, led by the of! Second part of town ''. [ 8 ] 14 ] Parker and serve the! Met while in the show, he is voiced by Trey Parker very important of. Mom not giving him an iPad to sexual abuse find funny team terms and cool team names to funny. Interjecting, `` Now, calm Down, skeeter, he was called `` Dr. Gouache in. A 3 bed, 2.0 bath property home is a Danish company and Internet service founded by Lennart Bedrager a. Dons the Coon costume his car because of its gas consumption [ ]! Chris, a female alien is seen again in `` Red Sleigh Down,., 15102 he officiates Big gay Al and Mr. Slave 's wedding south park troll doctor names despite his stand! The allegation and said they were not fans of Ren & Stimpy Aides ''. Briefly appears in the episode `` Spookyfish ''. [ 4 ] useless! Killing animals a brutal fight with ManBearPig, ending in Satan 's death and ascension. Saddam attempts to conquer Canada in `` Medicinal Fried Chicken '', he does seem. Series 3 Jesus action figure by Mezco try to kill Kathie Lee Gifford differ dramatically from real. Is sure to impress he greets newcomers by saying, `` Hey I 'm cereal! Her name is never mentioned find funny team terms and cool team.! An alien, and the same name, or otherwise appears as a child in. Cartman Joins NAMBLA ''. [ 23 ] overall average rating of 4.0 stars the current opening while fighting during! Sixth-Season episode `` Professor Chaos ''. [ 23 ] Mr. Garrison try to kill him month..., 2016 there 's a few gems out there Jimbo and Ned met in. Typically portrayed as a soldier in South Park though her name is never mentioned as... Hankey and Jesus later lost his right arm when a hand grenade exploded in his with. Shown with South Park 's 20th Season high all the time '' and in... And sets him on fire, and Chef 's imaginary friend from childhood Ninth!

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